Removing Blog Comments. And Other News.

by Margaret on March 31, 2014

Should You Remove Comments from Your Blog?

With more and more conversation moving to Facebook and away from the comments section of your blog, and more and more spam comments moving in, is it really worth it to have a comment section on your blog?

You can find out why Copyblogger has recently removed their comments in a recent post.

No word yet on whether the Sacramento Bloggers blog will be removing the comments section.

Your First Tweet

Remember your first tweet? A large percentage of first tweets often say something like “Well, here’s my first tweet.”

Which is almost as exciting as what you’re having for lunch. Want to see your first ever utterance to the Twitterverse? Go to

Here’s SacBloggers Co-founder’s first tweets:

first tweet margaret

first tweet nichole

and, of course…@SacBloggers

first tweet sacbloggers


Pinterest and Blogger: How to Use the Pin It Hover Button

Yay! A tip for those using Blogger instead of talking about WordPress all the time,  right? Anyway, we found a tutorial by Code it Pretty that explains how to add the official hovering Pin It buttons to your Blogger blog. The buttons will show up in the upper left corner of your post images when your readers hover over the images.

Local WordPress Meetup in Sacramento

This is a little short notice, but there is a WordPress Meetup this Tuesday (April 1) at Hacker Lab in Sacramento. This meetup will discuss the Genesis Framework. The talk will be focused on beginning to intermediate designers & developers, and anyone else interested in learning about theme development. (If you can’t make this one,  you can join the monthly meetup group so you can stay up to date about the next one.) The group is for bloggers, designers and developers of WordPress blogs.

Mom Bloggers and Coffee Talk

This is slightly less short notice, but there is a Mom Bloggers Coffee Meetup in Elk Grove. You can see more info on the Meetup Page.

Lotsa Blogging Tips

Here are 39 Blogging Tips on the Social Media Examiner Blog where they asked 39 blogging pros to share the best blogging tips and tactics worth doing today. Such as #18: Write Content That’s Not Just About Your Products and Services


Passwords Are So Yesterday, or They Should Be

February 22, 2014

Wouldn’t it be awesome if we never had to enter another password to login to our blogs, or our social media accounts, or anything? Ever? No more keeping hundreds of userid/password combinations in a document somewhere because you just can’t keep up anymore. Unless you use the same password for everything (and 80% of you […]

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Listen to your Mother, Sacramento 2014 is calling

January 27, 2014

If you have a story about motherhood, whether you’re a mother or have a mother, whether you’re male or female, young or more experienced, Margaret Andrews and Nichole Beaudry are producing the “Listen to Your Mother” show for the second year in a row and they are now welcoming submissions for the 2014 show. There’s no denying […]

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The frosting on the cake

December 16, 2013

If there are three things that we love here at Sacramento Bloggers, it’s our members, local companies and sweet treats. Those three things are coming together today, as we partner with The Frosting Queens and several of our members on a fun contest we’re calling the Frosting Queens Invitational. What does that entail? Well, each […]

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Halloween Roundup: Crafts, Food, Decor and More

October 28, 2013

You guys. It just hit me that Halloween is this week. Does that ever happen to you? There’s a vague idea that a big holiday is approaching, but then the necessities of life overtake all the thought space in your head, and then SMACK! There you are. If you’re anything like me you need all the […]

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Sacramento Bloggers Partner with Tillamook for an Ice Cream Social Media Night

September 13, 2013

And you thought Tillamook just made cheese. Did you know Tillamook makes ice cream, too? Yep. And 27 flavors at last count. And earlier this week, Sacramento Bloggers joined Tillamook at Thinkhouse Collective for an evening of social media tips and ice cream. The evening kicked off with a greeting from the awesome Tillamook brand […]

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Sacramento Bloggers Descend on New See’s Candies Store in Folsom

September 6, 2013

See’s Candies celebrates the grand opening of its Folsom location today and the Sacramento Bloggers got a sneak peek last night during a promotional event that included chocolate tastings, See’s company history and a chocolate box packing contest, I Love Lucy-style. Here are some of the interesting factoids we learned while trying not to inhale […]

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Battling with the Discipline of Blogging and Writing

July 18, 2013
Thumbnail image for Battling with the Discipline of Blogging and Writing

Whether you THINK you have to produce content three times a week, or whether you WANT to produce content three times a week, some of us struggle to actually sit down and do it. This goes for both writers and bloggers. By the way, unless you’re an online magazine, you don’t have to produce content […]

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Sacramento Pinterest Party at Swabbies

July 15, 2013

The following is a guest post about a Pinterest-themed party coming up in Sacramento, written by local blogger Stacy Molter… Hello fabulous Sacramento Bloggers! I want to thank Margaret for allowing me to post here at Sacramento Bloggers on behalf of Julie Gallaher. I appreciate the opportunity to share the exciting news about a new […]

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Bloggers Mix & Mingle at Sacramento’s Church Key (and Hock Farm)

June 30, 2013

Sacramento Bloggers descended on the alley-turned-patio of Hock Farm Craft & Provisions (otherwise known as Church Key)  last week to hold our June mixer. Church Key and Hock Farm are located in the place formally occupied by Spataro on L St. As we understand it, the space between two buildings was literally converted into a […]

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