One of our goals for the Sacramento Bloggers network is to build an active community. Communities are good. Communities allow you to learn from others and share what you know with them.

Whether it’s a meetup, a tweetup, or a fleetup (that would be with boats on the lake), we think bloggers can gain a lot of value by engaging IRL (in real life). That is why we are currently working on our inaugural meetup so people can connect in person.

Tracy of Then I Got to Thinking is also someone who strongly believes in the power of blogger community. She recently held a Blogger Meetup in El Dorado Hills. And she gave everybody candy! We like Tracy. One of your founders was fortunate enough to attend and meet some great bloggers.

Blogger Meetup (photo courtesy of Tracy of Then I Got to Thinking)

Meanwhile, we are also building the “Sacto Bloggers” social networks for us to all connect online. While we work on our Pinterest and Facebook presence, you can follow us right now on Twitter.

Also? We now have a blog roll, yay!

sacramento bloggers

You can check it it out here, or by clicking on the Blogroll tab. If you notice any missing or broken links, please let us know! If you get a chance, check out your other peeps on the roll!

In our recent newsletter, we mentioned the News10 Social Media Day held last Saturday, also in El Dorado Hills. (Hmmm, we’re sensing a theme here). News10’s Suzanne Phan posed with some Sacramento Bloggers members and tweeted the photo, which we have stolen and posted here:

News10 Social Media Day event with News10’s Suzanne Phan and Sacramento Bloggers Jane, Catherine and Margaret
Photo by Suzanne Phan

You can see more photos of the event on the News10 My Neighborhood site for El Dorado Hills. (By the way, we here at Sacramento Bloggers do not condone online photo theft. You should get permission before publishing someone else’s photo. Unless it’s public domain.

Meetups are a great way to meet offline. It allows you to put a face to the blog, and you can swap old blogger war stories. We hope to have a blogger meetup soon and will let you know when that happens.

In other news regarding blogger meetups, we’re soon off to the evo social media conference in Park City, Utah, where we hope to meet many new bloggers, learn a lot, and bring back valuable blogging and social media tips to share with you.

Until next time, happy blogging!


Blog Tip of the Day

Make sure you and your social media profiles are easily accessible by having links to them near the top (aka “above the fold”) on your blog.  Have you been looking for some fresh new icons for your blog? If you’re interested, here’s a tutorial on where to get free social media icon sets, and for WordPress bloggers, how to add social media icons to your blog header.



Meetups, Tweetups and Fleetups: Building a Blogging Community

4 thoughts on “Meetups, Tweetups and Fleetups: Building a Blogging Community

  • July 9, 2012 at 11:13 pm

    Thanks for the update… :), Have fun at the EVO Conference and I look forward to hearing about it when you return.

    • July 9, 2012 at 11:46 pm

      Thanks, Susan! Nichole and I are really looking forward to this. 🙂

  • July 10, 2012 at 11:04 pm

    Thanks for your efforts. Looking forward to following and gathering. I’m heading off next month to the 2012 Wine Bloggers Conference in Portland. Now that should be some serious fun!

    • July 16, 2012 at 2:17 pm

      We’re happy to have you, Susan! And I hope you have a fun (and inspirational) time at the conference!

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