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by Margaret on October 6, 2012

In between workshops and other meetups, we thought we’d share a few blogging and social media tips with you.

Blogging Tips

There are a few blogs out there specifically about blogging. If you haven’t already, take a look at the following sites to see if they may be of use to you.

  • ProBlogger – “Blog Tips to Help You Make Money Blogging”
  • Daily Blog Tips – surprisingly, daily blog tips.
  • TentBlogger – professional blogger advising others on how to do the same.
  • copyblogger – content marketing advice
  • Women Get Social (fka SITS) – “Social Media, Photography and Blog Tips for Women”

If you know of other useful blogging tip sites, let us know in the comments!

Instagram Tips & Tricks

instagram photo

image source: Flickr

Instagram is a quick and easy way to connect with your friends online by sharing pictures you take with your smart phone. You also have the option to feed an Instagram photo post to other platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

For those of you who are not Instagram experts, here’s an Instagram Tips and Tricks article by Kira of Her New Leaf. You’ll learn things like how to enhance light, lock focus and remove picture frames in your photos.

If you have a tip about Instagram you think could be useful to the group, please share it in the comments!


Don’t Buy Twitter Followers

If you haven’t heard by now, StatusPeople has a tool that can tell if you’re Twitter followers are fake, so if integrity is your thing, it would behoove you to avoid it. There’s an article on Fast Company that talks more about it.

If you’re curious how many fake followers you or someone you know has, go to the StatusPeople Fake Follower Checker here.


Blog Gossip and Snark

If you’re looking for a blog that mocks the Kim Kardashians of the blogosphere, look no further than Get Off My Internets. It’s like a snarky TMZ, but less flashy. And fewer ads.


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