sacramento blogger meetup, le rivage hotelThe Sacramento Blogger Meetup and Mixer (our inaugural!) had a fantastic turnout with over forty Sacramento bloggers attending – yay! Thank you to everyone who attended. We enjoyed meeting you all and watching you meet each other.

Just by coming to the event at the Le Rivage Hotel Wednesday night, Sacramento bloggers expressed their desire for something that was missing: a blogger community.

Many people had never been to or even heard of Le Rivage (as Jane of MidLife Bloggers mentions in her post “Bits and Pieces“), so this was a great opportunity to introduce “our people” to this virtually hidden-away gem.

Early birds were treated with a tour of the Presidential Suite (and some fun celebrity/paparazzi stories, according to Chandra of Now This Life). They also got a sunset view from the suite. This Instagram photo was captured by Corinne Litchfield of Explore Sacto.

sacramento blogger meetup
Sunset view from Le Rivage Hotel on the Sacramento River

The Le Rivage staff, particularly Sales Director Lisa Burge and General Manager Mark Fitzgerald (who is a blogger himself over at Grubzilla, and is now on our blog roll), gave hospitality a new name on Wednesday night.

custom cocktail, writers blockLisa designed a custom cocktail just for us called The Writer’s Block, along with providing wine and scrumptious appetizers on their outdoor patio.

The weather was perfect as people mingled and met, and for those who were a little shy, we divided people into groups for a bit so they could introduce themselves and tell each other just what they blog about and to answer the question, why am I here tonight? Why did I join Sacramento Bloggers? It seemed an appropriate ice-breaker, as Mrs JP Chaos of Beautiful Chaos says in her post, “Something New“.

And we found out that many people were there for the same thing: to be a part of a community. To meet other bloggers. To find out what other people blog about.

To meet people like them.

And as if Le Rivage didn’t do enough for us, they gave away a free night’s stay at their gorgeous boutique hotel. Congratulations to Jeremy Maron of Thinkhouse Collective (and the soon-to-be-launched Bars for Breakfast blog) who won the giveaway.

We welcomed members and nonmembers alike to this shindig and before the night was over, people were signing up to join Sacramento Bloggers on the iPad we brought along….just in case.

sacramento blogger meetup

The response to the meetup has been overwhelming (our membership has grown over 15% this week) and we love that you love the idea of a blogger community. One of the messages we wanted to communicate Wednesday night is that while we have some ideas about how we want to grow our community, it is a community, which means we want to hear your ideas, suggestions, and feedback for website content, workshop topics, and meetup venues.

For example, Len, who blogs for the California Teachers Association, after attending the meetup, put the word out about our event and our community to his education peeps in case they would be interested in either joining us, or even pitching speaking ideas.

As we plan our next meetup/mixer, (and if you have any connections to venue owners you think may be interested in hosting us, let us know!) think about what you might be able to contribute to the community, like a blogging tip or tutorial, a workshop idea or wherever your creative imagination takes you. We want to be flexible and welcoming, however, so you can participate as much or as little as you want.

And feel free to stop by the water cooler that is our Facebook Page to see what people are talking about, or feel free to make a comment or ask a question on the wall.

And for those of you who attended our mixer, if you blogged about your experience, let us know so we can pass it along and help promote it. If you tweet your post, use the hashtag: #sacblogrivage. (You can read all the #sacblogrivage tweets here). And don’t forget to add your post link to our Simply Linked list below so others can see what you had to say about the event.

To see everyone’s Instagram photos, search for the hashtag #sacblogrivage.

Thanks again for a fabulous evening and making our first meetup and mixer a huge success. It was so much fun meeting you and we hope to see you again soon!

Your hosts,

Nichole, Margaret & Stephanie

sacramento blogger meetup

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Sacramento Blogger Meetup at Le Rivage: A Recap

3 thoughts on “Sacramento Blogger Meetup at Le Rivage: A Recap

  • September 22, 2012 at 11:22 am

    Wish I lived in the Sacto area. I’m a boomer blogger and it would have been fun to talk to others. Perhaps I should start one in the Orange County, CA area.

    • September 22, 2012 at 1:22 pm

      Boy, you don’t hear that very often, that someone wished they lived in the Sacto area. 🙂

      But as far as I know, there IS indeed at least one OC blogger community. SoCal Lady Bloggers might be based out of there.

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