Margaret Andrews, Co-Founder

marg lisa smiley headshot 600x600Margaret co-founded and now runs Sacramento Bloggers. She is a freelance writer and the author of Adventures in Blogville: A Creative Writing Guide for Teens. Her humor blog, Nanny Goats in Panties, was voted “Best Local Blogger” for the Sacramento area in the KCRA3 A-List, as well as “Most Valuable Blogger” on CBS Local Media. She is also the founder of Sticky Readers, a blogging tutorial site.

Margaret is currently the Chair of Communications and IT for Boldly Me, a nonprofit that seeks to improve mental health by teaching people about self esteem, healthy communication, and ways to prevent destructive behavior.

Margaret also teaches classes and speaks on the topic of writing, blogging, social media and content marketing. She coordinates social and public relations events for Sacramento Bloggers.

You can find Margaret on Twitter and Facebook. Margaret can be reached at:

Nichole Beaudry, Co-Founder

nichole beaudry, sacramento bloggersNichole spends her days enjoying the small moments with her children and uses naptime to write about them. Before having children, she taught college students Composition and Shakespeare, much preferring the latter.

Nichole is a freelance writer and Co-founder of Take Flight Social Media Consulting. Nichole is a local photographer, specializing in families and children. She loves to use her camera to help families capture the small moments that build a lifetime. You can view her work at Nichole Beaudry Photography. You can also find her on her blog in these small moments where she writes about the smallest, most amazing moments of life. She hopes to remember everything, from the remarkable (ice cream smiles) to the challenging (the 10-minute stall at bedtime). Nichole and her husband, Craig, live in Vacaville with their two children, Katie and Matthew.

You can find Nichole on Twitter and Facebook.

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